A tech enthusiast who loves spending most of his time developing amazing projects. Now, with over 5 years of developing experience I have worked on several projects. Please feel free to reach out to me at


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Bank Simulation

Developed a Bank simulation application using a queue of arrival events that will represent the line of customers in the bank. The input is a text file of arrival and transaction times. Each line of the file contains the arrival time and required transaction time for a customer. The arrival times are ordered by increasing time.

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Django Calender App

Worked on developing a clean Calender application using Django framework. User has the ability to create new events or make the tasks complete as well as see the time it was completed.

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Compete in Github

A React App that pulls data from the Github API to achieve multiple actions like Github Users Battle, Most Popular Repos and User Info thanks to React Virtual DOM

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Weather App

Simple weather app with animated background. You can check weather using your current location or by typing a city name. Used technologies such as HTML5 CSS3, Bootstrap 4.0, Vanilla JS jQuery and GoogleMap API.