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         STUDIO NEWS
~  Enormous news for Music Farm!  We've relocated to the beautiful farm country south of Athens and Watkinsville, Ga, and are building out what will be a fantastic new recording and rehearsal space!  (The original studio is still open while construction proceeds!) Keep in touch for more updates!

~  Tracking and mixing for the Bitteroots new EP "Under The Big Sky", and it sounds as huge and awe inspiring as it's title!  These guys and gal are the real deal, working on their projects is always a total joy!

~  We have just finished recording all of the promo and demonstration tracks, with tablature, for the brand new Tom Bradshaw Resonator Simulator pedal from Dunlop.  Fantastic new pedal that brings the sound of the acoustic resonator guitar to any Pedal Steel, Lap Steel, or Electric guitar player. Check it out here:

~  MvA has been finishing off his latest CD Instruction Courses including Rock, Pop, And Blues for E9 Pedal Steel, and Lap Steel 101.  Check in at for these and many more!

~ We've finished the tracking and vocal overdubs for the Johann Greco project for Chromatone Intermedia Associates Records. Look for fall release- this will be an amazing record!

~ Just attended the "Poverty Is Real" CD release party featuring two tracks by Mike Killeen and Kristen Englenz recorded and produced here at Music Farm. Great tunes and a wonderful project!

~ New vocalist Chris Watson and the guys from Switchkick were in to add Chris' vocals to band demos and remix. Sounds great!

~ Pedal Steel players worldwide have been really appreciating MvA's latest CD lesson on Theory and the Number System for E9.  Info on all his courses here:

~ We're remixing tracks recorded here for Florida's Molasses a few years back-
featured performers Buddy Miles and Vassar Clements make these some really exciting tracks!

~ Athens, Georgia's Saint Francis has just released their CD "One Of Many", Mastered here at Music Farm.  More at

~ We've just completed a jumpin' Jingle for Yellawood Lumber for their internet gaming website.

~ Nate Montgomery has flown in from balmy Fairbanks, AK to put finishing touches on his new CD here. Look for spring release.
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We'll help you develop your dream recording from the first vision to  final retail product. We specialize in dynamic recordings, instrumental and vocal sounds with a large complement of top-shelf outboard mic preamps, compressors, and EQs, a large mic locker and the latest plugins for working in the box.  Quiet, comfortable tracking room and iso booth, and a nicely tweaked control room accomodate everything from solo artists to large band live tracking.
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